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Our driving courses concentrate on attitude and skill development to teach save driving for life. Our students graduate with the defensive driving skills needed to navigate today's busy streets.

Our Ontario drivers license MTO approved training program encompasses 20 hrs in-class training, 10 hrs in-car lessons and 10 hrs for review and self-study.

Our driving classes are priced competitively and our students can benefit from flexible schedules and payment terms.
Our team consists of skilled instructors professionally capable of preparing you for the Ontario driving road test.

We take pride in teaching new drivers defensive driving skills for last 10 years. We firmly believe in training our students to become safe, responsible drivers on road.

Right now we have five convenient training centres in Burlington, Oakville & Milton area. We have three locations in Burlington catering Appleby, Upper Middle and Plains Road residents. Other schools are located in Milton and Oakville. 
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It’s hard functioning without a driver’s license. Not being able to drive forces you to rely on friends and public transportation. Both options will sacrifice a lot of your time and independence. If you want more freedom G1 G2 Driving School can help. We offer driving lessons to help you get your DMV license.

Behind the Wheel TrainingThe first step is to sign up at our licensed driving school. You will need valid proof of identity in order to be accepted. Every such driving school needs to be licensed by the DMV; driving is a complicated thing, and the instructors have to meet certain legal qualifications if they are to teach others.

Once in, you will have several options as to where to go next. If you’re a first-time driver, you’ll have to take behind the wheel training. More experienced drivers may simply need to take a driving test.

MTO Approved SchoolIn some cases, the campus will also have a traffic school. If you’re qualified, successfully completing a traffic school course can mask your traffic violation from insurance companies.

Those who are looking for a good drivers ed company in Milton, ON can find one at G1 G2 Driving School. For the best Driving School in Milton, ON call G1 G2 Driving School today! As your local premier Driving School, we specialize in: Drivers Ed, Driving Test, Behind the Wheel Training, and Driving Lessons.


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